Indoor Scavenger Hunt Games

Trying beat the heat? Trying to avoid cold weather? Looking for a discounted rate? Do you just not to walk around so much? The AR Adventure Austin’s indoor games are great alternatives to our larger scavenger hunts. Check out our locations below!

Indoor Capitol Quest

Explore the history of Texas in its historic Capitol building with our Indoor Capitol scavenger hunt. Be prepared to go through metals detectors at the security checks before your enter, and then explore the halls of the monumental grounds.

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Fairmont Hotel Scavenger Hunt

Fairmont Hotels provide Austin with modern and refreshing hotel accommodations, with friendly staff, unique bar and dining experiences, and notable art and sculptures. Get to know the downtown Austin Fairmont location with our Indoor Fairmont game!

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Cooper’s Old Time Bar-B-Cue Pit Scavenger Hunt

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Cue, home of the big chop, has been serving downtown Austin for many years. Grab some good food and explore this two-story staple of Austin Texas.

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Hilton Hotel Scavenger Hunt

Explore one of the most famous hotel franchises in the world with this escape-room style game. Great for parties and team-building!

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