What is cluetivity?

Cluetivity is an augmented reality game combining the best elements of GPS geocaching, treasure hunts, and live escape room games into a unique experience for your guests, customers, colleagues, and clients. We offer customizable experience that allow interaction with the world around you using unique games, questions, and locations to fit the environment of your company.

How can cluetivity help your business?

Austin Cluetivity missions utilize our licensed Cluetivity software to provide games of different genres to meet the needs of your company. Every Austin Cluetivity mission has its own story and riddles to make your business stand out from the competition. There are currently 2 outdoor missions available: Magic Portal (ideal for families with children) and Operation MindFall (ideal for escape game fans, team building events, and bachelorette parties).

The Austin Cluetivity team offers a custom design service to fit perfectly in your business location. Interactive game missions are individually adaptable to your location with Cluetivity’s online building tool. We also run entertaining indoor games that can be set up immediately within your business.

The advantages of licensing a custom-designed cluetivity game with austin cluetivity for your business include:

  • Set your business a part with an innovative, unique experience
  • Increase your revenues with a profitable additional business
  • Allow your guests and clients to explore your area
  • Win back previous customers and approach new audiences
  • Increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Collect e-mails for future outreach and communication

The Best game for your location

Each one of Austin Cluetivity’s thoughtfully designed missions can be played in a different game variant. No matter if you want to play a short or a long game, a single player game for families or multiplayer team event for companies or a special premium event: We can customize games and routes for your target customers. With every Austin Cluetivity game, instruction is provided so that you can get started in no time.

Our service gives personal attention your exact requirements. We tailor each gameplay experience to your specifications to make sure you accomplish your goals your way. We offer brief games to kill a few minutes, or long games to explore what a whole area has to offer; single-player experience for a lone visitor or massive adventures for your entire companies’ special events. Whatever your target audience looks like, we can customize a game for your current needs. The possibilities are nearly endless!

For smaller, more contained experiences, try austin cluetivity indoor

Our games are immersive and addictive. Players won’t want to leave in the middle of a game, meaning your customers and clients are willing to stay in your space even longer. These activities make a valuable addition to any busy restaurant that wants customers to stick around for lengthy wait times, a doctor’s office to entertain guests in a waiting room, or a small company that just wants to be a bit more memorable than the competition. Customize your game to fit the exact needs of your company. These games enable your company to:

  • Easily setup games within minutes
  • Entertain guests during wait times
  • Collect more emails and boost your sales
  • Retain customers with engaging games they won’t want to abandon

Your guests and clients are in for a treat when they play our games with your company. Contact us today to learn more about how you can take your business to the next level!


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