The AR Adventure

A mixture of escape room, scavenger hunt, and city tour - in an augmented reality!

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What is The AR Adventure?

The AR Adventure Austin is a mixture of an escape room, scavenger hunt, and a city tour. These games are great for team-building, family outings, bar hops, history tours, or as a fun outing with your friends. Our AR Adventures let you see Austin in a way you have never experienced a city before.

Enhanced with the help of our augmented reality technology, friends, families, and colleagues get a kick out of our AR Adventures.


This Haunted Austin Walking AR experience is available Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm; this AR game/tour starts on the hour every hour and lasts up to 90 minutes.

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The AR Adventure Austin

As a result of our passion to explore, learn and grow in unique ways, we offer opportunities to connect clients to their surroundings and each other through augmented reality technology.

Due to our innovate AR tours and games, people are enter- tained with amazing cutting-edge technology they can:

  • play and interact with
  • use to build teamwork skills
  • solve puzzles and riddles
  • learn interesting facts about where they are & each other + have a fantastic trend-setting time

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Who Are We?
What Do We Do?

AR technology company providing unique way to experience exploration, education, and team building.

Provider of innovative and customized experiences with excellent facilitation and customer service. Bring creative, reliable & consistent experiences that are fun for everyone.

A unique and customizable experience that promotes fun and improves collaboration between people.

A fun way to explore the city, solve riddles and puzzles, and get to know people better while searching/hunting for places and clues.

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